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kilkenny09bride Posts: 402
Hi Girls I'd love to get some ideas for hair styles for both myself as the bride and bridesmaids. Share your Ideas ................
Momof2 Posts: 3884
Front of Hair [img:2hgsyahb][/img:2hgsyahb] Back of Hair [img:2hgsyahb][/img:2hgsyahb] Had it done on Sat worked very well thankfully A
blissful2b Posts: 1555
loads on this link [url:2i8bqqrv],11&Wedding_Details=Hair&pageindex=0[/url:2i8bqqrv]
al4 Posts: 161
audreys - gorgeous. is your hair blonde too? mine is to be something like this [img:24urgexa][/img:24urgexa] I can let the ponytail bit loose later on if I like and it will be wavy/curly