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lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi all Just wondering did anybody make their own thank you cards or what kinda design did you use or how did you go about making them??? I thinking of making ours and using them then as place names also at tables, then it would cancel out having to send them to everybody after the wedding. What do you think? :wv
ladyinwaiting Posts: 198
Ok am a bit confused :duh: Do you mean to use the thank you for the lovely gift.... card as the placecard for the wedding breakfast? - what if they dont give you anything?? Are you being a bit presumptuois [sorry bad spelling :-8 ] and how do you use a place card for each individual if the card is gonna be addressed to a couple or a family?
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi ladyinwaiting What I am doing is writing a thank you poem on the scroll and then placing them on the tables of the wedding day. We will have a seating plan so we will know where everybody is and we will leave the scroll in their place at table. When they open it then they will get a nice thank you poem and a personal note to each of them......... It just saves on sending out thank you cards after it all. I have seen it at a few weddings and it goes down v well and looks v nice. :wv
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
maybe im wrong but isnt the thank you card sent to someone after they give you a gift? it is a lovely idea to thank ppl in the way your saying but wont you just have to thank them again for their gift? im not sure if ppl will get the idea and will wonder why they didnt get a thank you card for the gift they gave. you can always do both, but that defeats the purpose of saving you doing the card after. or you can just do the thank you scroll that your talking about. I know i havent been much help but im not sure if many ppl will have done this and that there may not be many samples to see.