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MrsMe Posts: 138
[img:p8yxq659][/img:p8yxq659] Here are mine. I have to say they got a great reaction!
curly sue Posts: 257
This is ours: [img:2nflb0hj][/img:2nflb0hj]
pluppy Posts: 3519
xmaslove what font is that on your cards, its really nice
glittergirlrachel Posts: 279
Here are ours [img:1eyjhq72][/img:1eyjhq72] except the ribbon was red. They're from
HisWife Posts: 314
Can't post ours as we copied them and they were coyrighted :oops: But they are black and white with the wording down the centre and a blurred photo of the back of a brides dress on the left and a blurrred picture of a glass of champers on the right. Picture pf wedding rings in background of wording. All toped off with sparkley paper overlay. If you get my drift. Thye were 5.50 each from the supplier and the paper etc cost 200 yo-yo's ;)
Love Bug Posts: 208
[img:1pfxbfy4][/img:1pfxbfy4] Here's ours. Got them in the next sale last December for a song. :mrgreen:
Tying the knot Posts: 71
Hi I don't know who to put my photograph in, can anyone help me? [/url]
Love Bug Posts: 208
If it's saved on your computer you need to get an account on [url:279nvnvb][/url:279nvnvb] and save it there. If not, you can just post a link to it by using the url box on the right hand side of the reply box.
red Posts: 444
MrsMe, love your invites. Where'd you get them from?
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
MrsMe - love yours - where'd you buy? :D