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Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Here are ours. Love them because my wedding is full of cream, brown and gold colours so they match perfect. In case anyone is wondering the envelope is pictured behind the invite! [img:39hlpaxp][/img:39hlpaxp]
Bugs Posts: 511
here's ours - very non-traditional which is exactly what we wanted!
Trooper Posts: 2155
Loving yours bugs. I'm torn cause i like that sort of thing, but also would like to make my own.
Tying the knot Posts: 71
Hi Here's mine I hope I did this right, first time trying. Got mine from . [img:2anxl6qx][/img:2anxl6qx] [img:2anxl6qx][/img:2anxl6qx]
Tying the knot Posts: 71
Thank you Love Bug, I always learn something new on this site. Thanks Again :D
kittenheart Posts: 1488
Pluppy I don't know what font that is, I used a different font on my ones, if you do what I did and type the alphabet in a word document and then copy and paste it loads of times and change each one to all the different fonts on word you will be able to figure out which one it is.
MrsMe Posts: 138
The website is They're a Polish couple based in Cork.
lucylu Posts: 162
Trooper, Have you any ideas what you are going to do when making your invites? Going to do them myself too but what to do is the question.. thinking of dry embossing on the outside and printing insides ... Lucylu
pricilla Posts: 1564
God they are all lovely! Lovebug and Bugs, I like both of yours especially. Mine are [url:qamepquz][/url:qamepquz] and are the white roses ones. I love them :mrgreen:
Leanne24/05/08 Posts: 100
These are mine, I have made them myself. [img:3nyyadbt][/img:3nyyadbt] I hope you can see them - it's the first time I have posted a picture x