showing at 8 weeks?

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MrsDtoB Posts: 86
Hi girlies, I have a question - I am 8 weeks and have a huge belly. It blew up the other night like a balloon, has gone down a little since but is still huge. Now I know it can't be baby at this stage but something weird is going on - has anyone had this happen? At this rate I can't hide it much longer at work etc. thanks
Lucy D Posts: 91
Hello there When I was about that stage I felt really bloated very windy to be honest couldn't stop farting :oops: :oops: :!: so it made me look big I felt but I don't think anyone noticed. I wouldn't worry jsut think your body is going through dramatic changes at the minute and the first 12 weeks is when your baby forms so of course this will have an effect on you, I would rest and look after yourself, you will find that in the evening you tummy tends to be bigger at least that is what I felt. Anyway best of luck for a happy safe pregnancy.
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi its most likely a combination of being a bit bloated and a bit of fluid and its very common. Try to drink plenty of water to flush out your system and help keep you regular (iykwim).
kirsten Posts: 146
Hi MrsD As the others say it's most likely boating due to wind or fluid. I notice that some days I'm normal and other day I'm a bit pot bellied but I haven't put on much weight. It can't really be a proper bump at this stage. I had a scan last night and the baby measured 2.6cm so I don't think he/she is directly responsible for the tum. Trying to drink lots of water but my stomach sometimes objects and just wants carbs instead of liquid. I won't be buying any figure hugging outfits any time soon, that for sure. K
*MrsShamrock* Posts: 383
I'm 19 weeks and I look more like 40 weeks!!lol :roll: :wink: