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JessM Posts: 16
Girls, I am shy and lurk most of the time, but just wanted to ask what "personal grooming" things I should look into b4 my wedidng as I don't really go in for all this stuff normally. I've never been waxed :-8 Should I look into this? Wedding is not far away, would I be better just to stick with Veet (although I can get red marks if I dont take it off in time / weather hot) Also facial waxing etc - not that I have a big problem but amI best to stick with what id normally use rather than trying to get waxing or electrolysis or whatever if wedding not far away? Also don't normally get facials or follow good skincare routine. Wedding is 6 weeks away! Wht should I be doing? As you can see I dont know much about this stuff - but I do want to look nice! Thx girls :thnk
pollypocket08 Posts: 86
hi jess if the veet leaves u with red marks maybe u have sensitive skin,i personally would wax and brazillia in town are just brilliant,defo recommend them,if u r going to get waxed i would do it this wk so u can see how ur skin reacts,if it goes ok then u could get it done the wk b4 ur wedding,as for the electrolysis i'm not sure i would go down that rd,it can leave u very red.if u r thinking of doing anything do it soon so that if u react u wont be left red.hth
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
Hi Jess, for "down there" and your face, I would stick to what you do now. If you had more time, you could experiment, but you don't want to risk a bad reaction to waxing.
JessM Posts: 16
Is waxing very painful if you've never had it before? And how often do you need to get it done? Anyone recommend best products for face? Also forgot to ask about fake tan - cant believe I forgot. I never use fake tan either. Wedding is in early spring so I don't want a dark tan but dress is strapless - should I get a light tan? Is there a big risk they'll mess it up? not sure about applying tan myself and it would hae to go on neck and shoulders so dont want half of body plastered in make up. As you can tell I really dont know what to do - never a very girly girl and dont have any sisters so I just dont know about this stuff. Would really appreciate all your help!!!!!!!!
pollypocket08 Posts: 86
to be honest i dont find it painful but it reali depends on who u go to,i wouldnt even attempt fake tan myself,wud defo get a professional spray tan,i'm fair so if i do get it done i just get the one session,they usually offer a top up but i'd be way to fair to go with the top up
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Pollypocket, how dark is one "coat" of spray tan? I was wondering about that myself as I've never had it done before, and I am quite fair skinned (though brunette) When I was BM before, bride's sister put on St. Tropez at home and it was nice and not dark at all, but I'd be petrified going into a shop for a spray tan. Can you recommend somewhere that won't go OTT and will do a nice light job? When should you go if your wedding is soon? I know mine is and Jess said she's in about 6 weeks? Should you get a trial and then go a few days before the wedding? What can you do if they put it on too dark? (gulp)
Sunnyshine Posts: 753
You can get a trial tan done at any stage. I'm really glad I had a trial done. I wouldn't have thought to get one but the salon I booked with suggested it. Even for knowing what to wear for afterwards, it was a help! You want to feel as comfortable as you can on your wedding day. Don't feel under any pressure to get anything done just 'cos you feel you 'should'.
JessM Posts: 16
Ok girls, I live in Dublin so can you recommend where I should go for Leg wax Spray tan (light) Manicure & French polish Thanks guys I am just totally clueless :-8 I will be getting hair n make up done on the day (dont know who by yet) so I think thats everything isnt it?
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
[i:17zxmqc7]Tan-[/i:17zxmqc7] Make sure you exfoliate and moisturise the day before your getting the tan.Very important. (And when you shower the morning your getting the tan, dont moisturise.) [i:17zxmqc7]Facials-[/i:17zxmqc7] I wouldnt recommend getting a facial at this stage, it really is too late to experiment. Just do your regular beauty routine, cleanse, exfoliate, moisturiser. [i:17zxmqc7]Waxing- [/i:17zxmqc7]You would want to do this at least 2/3 days before your getting the tan done as it can make your pores look black.
fiji Posts: 129
I second brazilia for the waxing. Ask for Claire - she's brill