Sick cert at hospital app

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Tullinaglug bride Posts: 14
Hi girls, just wondering have any of you requested a sick cert from the doc at a hospital visit?? Im attending a scan at the Rotunda SP tomorrow and would like to talk to doc about getting few days off work, I'm absolutely exhausted and still smothered with a cold that I have a full week now. Couldn't take time last week as t was crucial that I w at work but still feel like crap. Anyone do this before or do. I have to go to my GP? Thanks
ttc2012 Posts: 661
I got one from the hosp but i had hurt my leg and couldnt put it to the ground, i requested a cert for work though they were telling me to stay home i am sure they wont mind if u ask
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
No harm in asking,but if you need to have a social welfare cert for work also you are best go to your GP. :wv I was advised by hospital 2 weeks ago to take a week off due to bleeding, so went to my gp after that and got both certs! :wv
FoundHome Posts: 1753
My consultant had no issues signing me off for a week with a sinus infection at 26/27 weeks
Tullinaglug bride Posts: 14
Well ladies, thanks for all your replies, had my appointment in Rotunda yest and doc offered me a cert before I even asked so was delighted it worked that way, she said I had bad cold and to rest up so she gave me cert till next tues.. Still wrecked and cold still here but hopefully time off will work wonders !! She said LO has chubby cheeks :compress and is a footballer cos its so active :o)ll :o)ll