Sick leave before maternity leave..

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DublinGal Posts: 151
Not that I am planning on going sick..... but if you do go sick before your maternity leave starts to you still get paid? Does anyone know how it works, i'm just interested, that all. A girl in here isn't due until March and went sick last week. Thanks
charli Posts: 5994
hiya, i went sick 4 weeks before mat leave started as i had high BP and was told to stay at home etc yeah i was paid my full sick leave - think it depends on the sick leave policy of the company you work for and if you have enough you will be paid for it, then at 38 weeks i went onto to M/L
DublinGal Posts: 151
Thanks for that Charli! Does anyone know if you don't get paid how much are we entitled to from Social Welfare????
bibikay Posts: 644
Pregnancy related sickness is the same as any other sickness - if there is a sick pay scheme, and if she meets all the criteria for payment (e.g. notifications, certifications etc etc) then she would get paid. However if she does not follow the company procedures then she may not get paid. A lot of companies do not have a sick pay scheme though.
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
Actually I work in HR, pregnancy related sick is classed as special leave and is not counted as sick leave, you will get paid during this time, but you must ensure that the cert states pregnancy related. Most girls in my work finish up a month earlier on this leave. Hope this helps, but check with citizens info.
bibikay Posts: 644
I would check it out too, because I too work in Hr and last I heard was that the ECJ ruled at the of 2005 that "[i:1sdl4w8v]a sick pay scheme which treats pregnancy-related illness the same as any other illness does not breach EU rules on discrimination[/i:1sdl4w8v]" Now, I've been on Mat Leave myself since August, and earlier in the year I was focused more on recruitment rather than pure HR so maybe star2007 has more insight to recent info/rulings from the Labour Court.... but last time I dealt with anything like this, this was the basis we worked on . Deffo woth clarifying with the HR dept of the organisation in question.
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi there i was in hospital for the last 13 wks b4 my babaies were born prematurley i got full pay and my maternity pay started the mon after they were born as far as i know pregnancy related illness does count on your illness record hope this helps