Sick leave.. what are my entitlements?

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preghopes Posts: 468
Hi Ladies Im just wondering do any of you know what my entiltlements would be if I had to be signed off work before baby due. I work 3 day week and claim stamps and other days. My doc might need to sign me off work and wondering if I am entitled to anything from social welfare.. my boss wouldn't pay any sick pay know that for sure anyway!
Doozer28 Posts: 881
As far as I know it would work the same if you weren't pregnant, as you are working I'd think you would be entitled to claim some amount of illness benefit. If I were you I'd give citizens information a call, they are really good & helpfull with this sort of thing.
Pillow Posts: 58
Def give Citizens Information a ring. The entitlements for illness benefit are changing from beginning of January 2014 - no payment will be made for the first 6 days of illness (up from 3 days) - this might impact on when you are signed out and payments made.