Sick leave what is mc2 cert

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hairylegs Posts: 75
Hi I am a teacher and have been signed off work. The doctor gave me a regular cert and mc 1 form that I have to fill out. However, it says on the form that I need to send in an mc2 form? Can anyone tell me where I get this ... Thanks
starting over Posts: 62
Am MC2 is a follow on from the MC1 as in its a continuation cert for social welfare. So the MC1 is the first cert which covers the first week. If your doctor doesn't specify a return to work date on that you need an MC2 for each subsequent week of absence. It's just one page and doesn't require the same amount of detail as the MC1. When you're ready to go back to work you fill out a Final cert which states you're fit to resume on whatever date. It's the same form as MC2. One Side is continuation cert and overleaf is Final. You'll get them from your doctor.
preghopes Posts: 468
Hi ladies don't want to interrupt this discussion but I have been wondering about this. Is this a form that applies to all workers if they are signed off work? I may need to be signed off earlier and was wondering was I entitled to anything on social welfare if I was. I work 3 day/ week and claiming on stamps for the rest.. but worried if I do have to take leave early that I will not have any money