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britneybride Posts: 84
Hi :thnk I am now 18 weeks pregnant baby will be June 2012 :lvs I am so so so so so so so sick of everyone giving opions and unwanted advice. Has anybody the same problem ??? It's constant I've two sisters who have both turned into the best mothers on the planet since we announced, they are fountains of knowledge O:| O:| O:| Also people in work, get out now you won't get out for about a year !!! Everything will change wait until you see you won't know your ares from your elbow !!!!!! Worst comment ( wait until you see how much your priorities change ) O:| O:| O:| Our priorities don't need to change we are well prepared, our prioritie has been the baby ever since we start trying. I feel like people are trying to get a dig, like the saying that will stop you in your gallop. I know I should just ignore it but it's difficult since when did our life and priorities become everyones concern.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
[quote="britneybride":1bpcqjmn]Worst comment ( wait until you see how much your priorities change ) O:| O:| O:|[/quote:1bpcqjmn] This comment used to really p*ss me off! Or the one "oh if you think you're not sleeping now, wait till the baby arrives". Yes thank you I am pefectly aware that newborns can be hard work with night feeds etc. EVERYONE has an opinion even down to what you're having. I hated when people used to say to me on DS "oh you're having a boy" or "oh you're having a girl, I know from the way you're carrying" O:|
Sodapop Posts: 3220
My friend gave me one bit of good advice - she said that people think you are stupid once you get pregnant! She said to ignore them and get on with things in your own way, on your own terms! I'm not looking foward to all the "advice" that's for sure! If I want to know something I will ask my mother or someone close to me!
britneybride Posts: 84
It really is like I've turned into an idiot. We were not aware that babies might cry or not sleep O:| O:| I might find some things difficult but I feel like people take joy in telling you how awful it is !!! I think it's a boy, no it's definitly a girl. What have you decided about labour? don't go in too early, get the drugs, don't get the drugs. Will you go back to work full time? People are nuts
Twirl Posts: 5598
Its actually funny the sh*te people come out with. Of course our lives will change but for the better. Eh hello we planned to have this baby, we dont think its a toy we are having. I have had a few: Get your nails done now, you will never get them done again ( eh really???? ) Oh this one which was hillarious, cant afford to get your hair done anymore ( well i can understand that ) but in the same sentence...... you should save €60 out of your €260 a week maternity benefit. Thats grand for those whos partners havent had numerous pay cuts and those that actually get paid from work while on maternity leave. Jee how the hell could i feed 3 of us, pay bills and my car loan out of €260 never mind €200. I just love how people think they can figure out your financial plan for you. Best one has to be though.... from a mother of 3 "Never have kids" !
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
[quote="Twirl":18kimyrk]Best one has to be though.... from a mother of 3 "Never have kids" ![/quote:18kimyrk] That's hilarious!! :o0 Someone once told me that after having a child blowdrying my hair would be a luxury... Eh I wash & blow dry my hair every night! Ok maybe in the first 2 weeks I didnt wash it every day maybe every second day but I always blow dried it, my hair would be too thick to leave it dry naturally. There is such a thing as a HUSBAND for minding babs while us Mammies allow ourselves the "luxury" of drying our hair!!
britneybride Posts: 84
Some days you will not be able to leave the house. Another classic you won't get to finish your dinner the first six months. Your body will never be the same again.
Twirl Posts: 5598
Exactly tinyfeet, sure if that's the case then we wouldnt have time to eat anything. God how did women manage years ago that had baby after baby. Maybe i have missed the boat or something but i am having a child because i want one not because its expected of me after i got married ( mind you some people were almost put out it took us this long ). But im looking forward to looking after my baby, going for walks and the funny thing is, babies sleep and this babs can learn to sleep through a hair dryer. I will probably take longer than the baby to get ready :o0
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Or when people used to say "Now you cant leave Lola (my mini jack russel terrier) alone with the baby" Oh really? Shite. we were planning on Lola being our live in babysitter!
gopro Posts: 1801
its more the commnets than advise. Luckily i've had no morning sickness at all - Q the look of horror on peoples faces when I say I'm feeling great. My migraines have disappeared and i havent been sick...... Are you sure your pregnant. Well YES 2 scans and about 99 pregnancy tests all cant be wrong. Hubby's quote 'only 50% of woman sufer morning sickness, but sure ye all only tell the worst stories of pregnancy' This weeks one-WHAT your pregnant-where??? there is no baby in there-your tiny. Jeez thanks, yes I am only 5ft 2 in and i weighted 8 and a half stone-now 9 stone. I have very lean and toned stomach muscle(another quote from hubbys dad to be book) Were ye trying. not thats its your business but YES we were having Sex and not using condoms or any other contracpetive :ooh When i said i wouldnt mind if i went into labour early....Oh leave baby in there as long as possible... now what will i leave it in there til next xmas!!!!!!! Are you goin to breastfeed with a look of horror as they say it. my reply Yes i plan to(my mam wasnt allowed due to cysts that developed during pregnancy) Do you know what your having-YES A baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love that reply! the one hubby gets from the lads in work(who are in their early 30's-hubby is 27), What are you doing your too young-hubbys reply well the baby will be 23 on my 50th, I can retire then :hyper: :hyper: and the winner of the stupid comments goes to...... (we were married 5 months when we concieved) Oh so it was a wedding night baby ............ how do you work that one out :yelrotflmaosmilie: AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH god this is a good rant, feel great now.......