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a non Posts: 85
:o( Sick of ireland......grey skies etc. Sick of work-I try really hard to get loads done but doesn't seem to matter. and most Sick of trying to get pregnant, just isn't happening. 6 months this month. Getting really down in the dumps. Just wish it'd happen. Sorry for the moan, great to get things off your chest :thnk
KarBren Posts: 128
aahh poor thing you sound so down in the dumps, no advice i'm afraid just this :action32
a non Posts: 85
Thank you *) I really need to pick up, brush off and cop on and just get on with it :o0
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
a non, sorry you are feeling miserable. I go through these phases too, like when you wake up to go to work and wonder if you have to do this for the rest of you goodam life! We too have been TTC for roughly 6 months. I get a bit down when I hear about women getting pregnant just after coming off the Pill or when they just started trying. Each women is different, I know, it is just hard to hear. We are trying everything, well I am trying everything. Just to make you feel a little better, I work shift work and am due to work the entire weekend! There are people worse off after all! Have a good weekend and have loads of drinks and bad food.
a non Posts: 85
lol about the good drink and bad food :o0 It helps to hear that we're not the only ones feeling a bit down in the dumps sometimes. On an up note I've made a decision to look into doing some courses that might get me on the road to starting my own business so that should help keep my mind off being sorry for myself for a while *) :thnk Did everyone else have a nice wknd?
so_clear Posts: 397
a non - I know how you feel. Only trying 4 months but was sure this was the month...and it wasn't. Once you start TTC, all of a sudden everywhere you go there are pregnant women and people with babies and everyone you know is telling you about someone else who's pregnant...I sometimes wonder if it was always like this and I never noticed or if everyone else is suddenly pregnant!!! O:|