Sick Pay while pregnant??

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dottie2011 Posts: 113
Girls I am just wondering if you can help me. I am 31 weeks pregnant and have been signed off due to high blood pressure. I am a public sector employee. I am paid for my sick leave but have to get social welfare certificates for every week I am off. Does anyone know if these are submitted to salaries where I work or the Dept of Social Protection. Sorry just a bit confused!
jewellb Posts: 2389
hey dottie you send them in to the social welfare dept, i know where i work (public sector) i get sw paid into my bank acc and my wages will be less what the social welfare pay me. i only send an actual sick note the doctor writes to my employer. you will have to send a cert in to social welfare every week until your on matt leave. ive only every had the first and last cert once the one that is a few pages long after that i think they are yellow ones. this is for normal sick leave in my organisation HSE, so i hope the info is correct, best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :lvs
dottie2011 Posts: 113
Thanks Jewelbride for your reply. That makes a lot more sense. Will pop down to GP first thing and collect the Certs. My first one will be dated last Tuesday so presume its every Tuesday I get a new one from now on. Thanks a million for your help :wv