Sickness in 2nd Trimester

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Fur Posts: 131
Hi Girls, These last few days my stomach has been very upset, esp in the morning. Thought i had escaped all this :o( Is anyone the same? Any recommendations? xx
Fur Posts: 131
anyone girls?
love struck Posts: 1125
Fur My sister was sick for the duration of all her pregnacies..She couldnt get rid of it but what eased it was... Trying to eat her breakfast (a slice of toast) in the bed in the morning before she got up.. She used to drink full sugary drinks (coke, lucozade) as this provided her with the energy she needed.. The doctor said once she was getting sugary drinks into her this would provide energy.. And basically she avoided most other foods as she found when she ate them she got sick... Bread was her saving grace and I think she could manage eggs and that was it for the full 10months..
Fur Posts: 131
Thanks LS, i was fine in 1st trimester but it seems to be starting now. Must try the sugary drinks. xx
baby08 Posts: 181
i still have morning sickness too. mostly when i try to brush my teeth first thing in the morning. i try to wait and eat first and then brush my teeth!
Miss X Posts: 1415
I was the same, no sickness just nausea for the first 12wks and from the day I turned 12wks right through till 20wks I was sick most morning, the only thing that helped was staying in bed for a while before getting up, I was never sick at the weekend as I'd read for 30mins or so before getting up, not that I ever felt sick before I got up... But it was so hard to wake up early enough to do it during the week. Alot of people swear by eating something dry, crackers or ginger nut biscuits before they move out of bed, might be worth a try.
roxychick Posts: 1802
I've been sick since the start. Starting to ease off finally even though some mornngs I'm still sick. Dizziness is my main problem at the moment. Been off work since September. Hoping to go back after Christmas. Never thought it would be ths hard being pregnant
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi fur - i was very sick till about 22 or 22 weeks and it never fully went away - i found that if i let myself get hungry (and blood sugar level dropped) the nausea got way worse so i used to keep snacks handy - i found salty things best and salted cashew nuts were my saviour. also lots of cold drinks but nothing fizzy - bottle iced tea was great as it had sugar in it to keep energy levels up. eatinga small amount every couple of hours really helped in the second trimester. (in the first trimester nothing worked and i was permanently queasy :o( ) also i found that if i got tired the nausea got way worse so plenty of rest if you can. Hope this helps.