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chloe01 Posts: 33
Hi I'm 19 weeks and I have had morning sickness from the start and looks like it will be with me to the end. I was green yesterday in work and one of the women in work said to me " I had no morning sickess or anything throughout my pregnany" with a smile on her face, she made me feel one like a failure and two that I was making it up. I was really upset going home. I can't help the sickness plus I haven't even missed a days work over it, not sure whether I'm been over sensitive or not. Has this happened to anyone else Chloe >:o(
steen Posts: 1335
Everyones is different and every pregnancy is different. Unfortunately you are one of the unlucky people who are sick all the way through. Tell her to f*&K off and isnt she just perfect she wasnt sick!!
StayShiny Posts: 1078
yup I'd go with Steen's advice :o0 perfect Actually happened to my MIL, she was sick for the entire 9 months with my DH.... so I was kinda expecting something similar as I was sick with MS up to about 22 weeks.... it's such a joy eh. you might find you'll be the same hopefully and it will let up any day now ... take each day as it comes hugs
obbride Posts: 111
i'm at 15 weeks and still sick, i woke up at 14 weeks last mon expecting it all to be magically gone as this is what i was told - fat chance. i find everything annoying about it - looking at my h2b enjoying dinner while i had to stop half way through last nite. on the plus side my 7 aunts on dad side were all sick, and apparently its a good sign that all will be fine in your pregnancy, if your morning sick, the docs don't get worried about you at all. Also try ginger nut biscuits, they are the one thing i find def. works to ease your stomach, i have one in bed before i get up, at lunch and 2 at night.
hedge Posts: 119
Poor you. It really is horrible. I was the same till about 22 weeks and it eased then just in time for the heart burn to start. :o0 The joys of motherhood. Agree with other poster about gingernut bickies though. They helped alot and make sure you eat small and often as sometimes its worse on an empty stomach. I got so bad at one stage I couldn't do the shopping. :o0 The sight of the meat isles made me so ill and cooking was a big no no but it all passes and we forget all about it. Hope your feeling better soon and tell miss I'm so great in work where to go. Every pregnancy is different.
ellee Posts: 666
I am prone to nausea in general (inner ear problems) - tho not tg with the baby - but I always found ginger a great help, you can buy a ginger tincture in any chemist, totally safe for pregnancy and v easy to drink. Iuse it all the time. Doesn't make it go away completely, but makes it bearable - not sure if it will work for morning sickness but maybe worth a try? :wv
chloe01 Posts: 33
My husband said the same and that is tell her what to do, you swear she was so wonderful. Yeah the least thing makes me want to get sick at the moment. Can't handle raw meat and some veg just wants to make me die. I hope it goes by 22 weeks as it awful been able to smell everything and the look of something can just set you off for the day. However i'll know it will all be worth it in the end. thanks for the advice
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I was 24/25 weeks before the nausea eased so theres hope yet! Everyone keeps telling me its a sign of a healthy baby. Prob not true but made me feel better :o0