Sideways baby @ 33.5 weeks!

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surprisejellybaby Posts: 46
Hi girls Was in with consultant last week and baby has decided to set up home sideways in my belly. Going in again this week to see has he moved and if not he'll try to move him (altho I'd say he'll have some job on his hands- this fella's going nowhere!). Has anyone had this done? Is it a big job? Will I need to shave my legs or will he just be pushing and shoving at my belly (the shtress of it all!!! :o0 ) Googled it but after 5 minutes had decided it would prob turn into an emergency caesarean and pictured myself coming home next week with a baby ..... so I stepped away from the Google before I drove myself demented altogether
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
My little rascal is going from sideways to breech on a daily basis these days ... along with trying to make a regular escape through my right hand side! :eek I have a scan tomorrow and I'll see what way he/she is then but I just know from the kicks etc that it's not head down just yet. If the doctor has to move the baby, it will be prodding around your tummy ... nothing internal as far as I know! The midwife can do this as well sometimes. It's not the most comfortable of experiences from what I've heard, but it would only be done probably in a few weeks time if there was no sign of baby turning. Sure they can turn right up until the last minute and keep us all guessing whether we've to push or not!! :o0
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
Hi SJB, the turning thing they have mentioned is external cephalic version, they manually turn the baby from the outside. It is not without its risks and I think there is a high chance of baby returning to the previous position afterwards. At 37 weeks you can try moxibustion, an acupuncture technique which is meant to be pretty effective. If baby hasnt turned by 38 weeks they book you in for a planned caesarean. I delivered last wednesday by c section, baby had been breech but i was told by GP at 36 weeks and consultant at 37 that baby has turned- turns out when we went to deliver she was back in breech- although there is a question mark over whether or not she really turned at 36 weeks..... I wasnt scanned in my final weeks and I think I should have been. Keep an eye on things but try moxibustion, i was all set up to do this only for I had been told she had turned >:o(
missust Posts: 370
i was worried about this after visit to gp and he said they'd decide at 34 weeks. when i went for my 34 week appointment midwife said they wouldn't even pay any attention to it until my 37 week appointment as so much can happen in between. felt some change in position myself yesterday and today so hoping at next week app babs will have moved. i researched the manual option of moving babs and would not be too keen. is not always effective and can cause distress to baby. i've kinda settled in my head babs turning by herself or c section. hope you get some turning soon.
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
My baby was breach til before a scan two weeks ago. In the two weeks before that I had begun bouncing on my yoga ball every night for 10 mins. I reckon that helped him turn. Also sitting up straight or slighty forward (not lounging back on the sofa like I had been prone to do...). Also walking is supposed to be good (basically get gravity to turn baby for you). Have heard acupuncture can also have good results. I know they sell a breech turn CD on the hypnobirthing website Cant vouch for it but find the basic hypnobirthing CD's great. Just some alternatives.