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daisy chains Posts: 235
Getting married in 7 weeks and having a civil ceremony and just had a thought about the book signing , does this still happen for civil ceremony? I really like the signing photos and have even bought a feather pen on Etsy!!! Anyone had a civil or been to one and knows what happens let me know!!! Thanks Doll
laineystar Posts: 34
is your civil ceremony on a week day? Our will be on a saturday so our ceremony officiant has a certificate which we will on sign on the day so we will have those photos. i am not so sure about during the week. I will be at a civil ceremony during the week at the end of this month and i could tell you then if thats any help?
daisy chains Posts: 235
Yes it's a Friday, the lady from Hse said she will have the license on the day so I assume we can sign it and do that photo as I love that photo ! Also bought my pen so want to use it. Yes it would be cool if you could tell me what they do at the other civil u r going to. Thanks a mil Doll
spaced2012 Posts: 275
yes you still have to sign the state issued registration form on the day to prove you got married and can get your marriage cert. the 'book' is likely to be a church thing where each church has its own record signed by couple.