Sile Seoige Sick

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excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
I must have been under a rock, I only realised yesterday that Sile Seoige was diagnosed with cancer last September. The poor girl and so young at 32, hopefully she makes a full recovery.
streaks Posts: 3592
No way?! I never knew this either! Where does she have it? Hope she recovers, I like the Seoige's.
Newme2013 Posts: 704
Never heard it either, hope she is going well. Imagine how much of a shock that would be at such a young age.
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
god didn't realise that either, never heard it. hope she makes a full recovery
vidia Posts: 2960
Hope that rock is big enough for all of us.. I hadn't heard that either.. Hope she'll recover well..
LabLady Posts: 4325
was just reading up on it there, she only revealed it to the public in the last week or so but was diagnosed in september. "Síle Seoige has spoken of her battle with thyroid cancer. Síle Seoige The TV and radio presenter revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer last September by her surgeon. "It wasn't what I expecting him to say, but he said 'there is no other way to say this - you have thyroid cancer, we need to go right in and take the whole gland out'." The Newstalk presenter was talking to the Sunday Independent about her illness and her enforced absence from the airwaves over the past six months. "There has been speculation for some time as to why I have been keeping a low profile and there have been reports, especially recently, that have been untrue - it has nothing to do with my career, but everything to do with my health," she said. "Which is why I've made the decision to finally talk about it." When the 32-year first heard the news that September morning, the shock was palpable. "Hearing that word chills you to the core...but what I would say is if you're worried about anything, get it checked, follow your gut, talk to somebody, just don't be afraid to discuss it." Seoige was treated in St Vincent's Hospital and at the Blackrock clinic where she spent a week in an isolation ward and was dosed with radioactive iodine. Her family and friends have been a huge help and support. Her partner, Kim Burrowes, looked after her when she was first diagnosed with cancer. "He has been incredible, just absolutely brilliant." Her sister Gráinne was also an incredible source of strength. "She is one of the people I think of first because she knows me so well, she knows instinctively what to do - and that's the thing with my family and friends, my relationships have become all the more real and more genuine since it happened. "If anything, it has been a bizarre blessing because it makes you realise what is really important in life - my relationships with my boyfriend and family and friends. And my colleagues at work have been just so good. Newstalk has been so incredibly supportive from day one. It was just a great feeling to have that kind of support." Seoige currently presents Shenanigans on Newstalk and says that she is "feeling very confident about the future". "In my heart and soul I believe I will beat this," she says." [url:2rlxg3xi][/url:2rlxg3xi]
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Also only read this the other day. Have met Síle and she is lovely, so down to earth and very health conscious. Really hope she will beat it.
excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
Glad to see I wasnt the only one under the rock! :o0 Hope she makes full recovery.
Emme Posts: 4735
God almighty will someone please find a cure for's just ridiculous, it's everywhere.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
I never heard this either ..hope she makes a full recovery. One of the most shocking things I heard the other day on some news thing on radio was that by 2020 every 2nd person will have /or had some form of cancer :eek how shocking is that..He also said though that there are so many advances out there though in treatments that it wont be the life sentences it once was and that people wont be as horrified to hear they have it. I hope to bloody god they find some cure soon as they amout of people with cancer recently is just scary!