silent reflux on 1st but not on 2nd?

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zowiebowie Posts: 300
Just wondering if anyone had a first baby with silent reflux and then gone on to have another baby without it? And if so, did you do anything different second time around? Maybe used a different formula? My DD had awful silent reflux and I'd do anything to avoid it on No 2 so just wondering if there's anything I can do apart from hope?!
AA11 Posts: 313
I don't have any direct experience myself, but two of my friends 2nd babies had silent reflux where their 1st babies were having one with silent reflux doesn't mean you will definitely have another, and here's hoping you don't, I know my friends went through a terrible time...all their babies were breastfed as well so it wasn't a type of formula that caused/helped the situation..... Wishing you a baby that just feeds and sleeps this time !