Silk Flowers and the church

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snooki Posts: 112
Hi Wollies Went and found our florist today and got a really good deal but just wondering, do some churches not allow silk flowers or is that a rumour??? We are going to be having fresh flowers in the bouquets and in the unity candle arrangement and buttonholes and corsages. We have 2 silk pedestals picked that will go behind the altar and some silk flower trees for going down the aisle. But mum said to me this evening that she wasnt sure if fake flowers were allowed in the church. Can the priest tell you what flowers you have to have even thou they will be taken away after the ceremony??? Thanks
Shinners 82 Posts: 26
It definitely depends on the church, when we got our booking form and information on the church we were told no fake flowers and we are not allowed take any flowers after the ceremony with us. We also are not allowed have too many candles and no wedding coordinator is allowed in the church ;). I think its a bit funny but it doesn't really bother me at all, they also provided the number of the woman that does the flowers for the church usually and she did me a good deal so I'm happy enough. My brother got married last year in a different church and they used silk flowers so it does depend, if they haven't specifically stated it when you booked you might be ok. Give them a ring and ask would be your best bet.
ClaireT1981 Posts: 510
This post just made me panic as i have already booked and paid deposit on artifical flowers and never heard of this before. Emailed me church there and got a reply saying "It is preferred that artficial flowers are not used in the church" I can't afford to pay for real flowers so i have emailed the church back to say that i suffer from bad hayfever and that is why we have opted for artficial flowers and would it be a problem......have fingers crossed they say it is fine.
snooki Posts: 112
Thanks for your replies lasies, Good news i rang my priest this evening and he said that a mixture of silk and real is fine, that is at our own discresion but all he asked was that the church was not packed with flowers. He just said within reason I dont want to be falling over flowers. I said with the prices of flowers there's no worry about having too many. ClaireT1981Thats awful hopefuly they wil allow you to use them it would be awful if they said it had to be real flowers. Make sure u let us know how u get on with it!