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AVENGER Posts: 4595
I have seen some really lovely silk flower bouquets on ebay, one shop in particular has what looks like an amazing selection and 100% feedback. I’m so tempted as firstly I’m going abroad and secondly its one less thing to worry about. So has anybody used silk flowers instead on real ones, how did they look and any regrets? Thanks a mil! P.S. Here is the link if anyone wants to have a look:
nickyk12 Posts: 120
they are the nicest fake flowers i have seen by far... i think you should go for it!! i cant get over how much flowers cost, i am not having real flowers at all, saw a quote from interflora for half the amount of flowers we would hav needed!! €750!!!! not a hope ! for a few hours!! not worth it! also the deciding factor was (on a diff matter) i had pre-ordered flowers for my step dads funeral few weeks ago (in uk so it mite not be the same here!) arrived the nite before flowers arrived the next morn!! they were all badly shrivelled and wilting!! and disgusting!! i was so angry £150 for dead flowers!! thats made my mind up for defo now!! sorry for ranting!! they are really gorgeous and may use them myself xx
Gallifrey Posts: 472
Rome, one of my friends had silk flowers for her wedding. I was a BM so got to see them up close. They were lovely and IMO you couldn't tell the difference if you were not inspecting them up close. Won't be going for them myself as I love fresh flowers. BTW the flowers on the ebay site look really nice. Best of luck with the decision
Frankie Posts: 1571
OMG - I'm getting mine from that seller. The only thing is that you have to contact them directly for a quote and let them know that you are bidding from Ireland. They normally only ship within the UK, so before you bid you need to let them know. The best thing is that they custom make your bouquets to your spec. I love their handtied ivory rose bouquet, it's soo simple but yet stunning. She's a professionally trained florist and it really shows in their construction. I've found them great to deal with so far, and I can't wait to take my delivery!
yadayada Posts: 1066