silk/ real touch/ foam flowers...where?

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aliise2 Posts: 201
hi, i want to make up my own bouquets with either silk, real touch or foam flowers but cant find any suplliers. have tried all about weddings, blooming gorgeous, sarahs flowers, ebay etc....but they are charging mad money for bouquets so thats why i want to make them myself as it would be a lot cheaper. am getting married abroad and thats the reason i am getting artificial flowers as will be having a reception here when we come home also so dont need to be forking out for 2 sets of fresh flowers. so does anybody know where i could go to get these flowers to do my own? there was a girl on a few weeks ago showing her bunch of cream and pink roses, they were lovely but cant find the thread :duh:
atlast2010 Posts: 444
I think this is the thread you are looking for viewtopic.php?t=248229