Silly invite mistake - big deal or not?

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stinkle Posts: 142
We ordered out invitations online last week - I'd done a couple of drafts on the website but COMPLETELY forgot to include a line where we could write the names of the invitees when it came to the crunch. They arrived yesterday and I only noticed today, that's how forgetful I/we both are! Is it actually a big deal though? We both panicked but after looking at the guest list we're mostly sending to couples with no kids so will have both their names on the envelope. No kids/plus 1 issues at all there. We'll be able to hand deliver a lot too so can actually tell people too (our friends will totally understand!). We have a few RSVP cards with space for names for some people (older relatives and those with kids, as it's a no-kids wedding and I need to spell this out to some of my family). As it happens, we're mostly posting to these people, so it sort of works out ok. They'll be none the wiser really, their names will be on the RSVP card/envelope. Hope I'm not freaking out for no reason! We really dont want to have to re-order. There's a bit of space on the invite to write on, but it may look terrible. Another option is to just get more RSVP cards either from the same site or just regular ones from a stationery shop.
bee0606 Posts: 691
Based on what you've said it doesn't should like a big deal. The only reason the name needs to be written on if when there may be some uncertainty about who's invited and you can use the RSVPs to clarity that.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I agree with bee, you'll be find... use the rsvp cards to write the invited guests names in the cases where someone may think kids, plus ones etc are invited... It'll be fine! No one will look at the invite and say, 'that's strange, my name isn't written on this', don't worry!!
stinkle Posts: 142
woohoo! great, I thought it was just the norm to have the names on but i bet no one notices! A huge majority are going to couples so no kids/plus one assumptions. I *think* we'll get away with giving the RSVP cards to the rest, and if we run out we can get shop-bought ones for any stragglers. Bet half the people don't reply anyway.... H2B went out and got a fancy pen to write the names on today and all - twas only when I sat down to write I realised the giant error. Oh well, one less thing to spend time on lol
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
Not sure how the invitation would read with no name? Mr & Mrs Murphy would like to invite - nothing - the the wedding of their daughter etc... Nuala & Paddy would love - nothing - to attend our wedding etc... What is the wording on the invite? Does it say - would like to invite you? Have never received an invite without my name. Maybe I've read this wrong & you mean no space for extra names?
Bluebellbride Posts: 610
I thought the same as Lorna, will it not read: X and y would to invite to their wedding?
stinkle Posts: 142
So many typos so I'm deleting
stinkle Posts: 142
Alsdo Mr and Mrs murphy aren't inviting anyone. OH and i are inviting our family and friends. If for example a couple who live together get an invite in the post addressed to the pair of them, surely they don't need their two names on the actual invite as well. They know they're invited as a duo... I've acknowledged that I'll send the rsvp cards to bigger groups/ones we need to make obvious who's invited and who isnt
stinkle Posts: 142
Invite says x and y together with their parents request the pleasure of your company at *wedding details* Just no stupid line for us to scrawl names in our terrible handwriting? Surely people arent so ill mannered as to assume a gang of people in addition to those on envelope\living in your home are invited
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
That reads fine. Was just asking if wording makes sense without names. Of course guests will understand that invite is for those it's addressed to.