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BBS Posts: 405
Silly question and I know i should just ask photograper, I am getting dvd of all photos in 6" by 4". Can I get these copied elswhere in a bigger size? Or would I have to order extra from photographer on top of album. Basically I am just trying to find a cheaper option to get copies for relatives etc. I know it's a silly question but am not that techinical minded! Thanks for any help
Mrs Jones Posts: 566
if the photos are copyrighted then you can't just take the disc into a photo shop and get large prints done. Ask the photographer if this is the case, because if you are getting him to do an album they usually do the copyright thing so they can make money from the prints. If you are not getting him to do an album and are only getting the photos on a disc, then they shouldn't be copyright and you can take the disc to a shop to have prints done, or print them yourself if you have a decent printer. Hope this helps :wv
BBS Posts: 405
thanks 2007 bride. Why do they give you the dvd if you can't get copies done? Dosen't make sense. I understand they need to make there money too, Thanks