silly question about bridesmaids dresses

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lough08 Posts: 248
Hi ladies, i got a call yesterday to say my bridesmaids dresses are in!! so excited! just wondering what happens now, do i just go and collect them or do i try and get the bridesmaids together again to go to the shop to try them on again etc or what do i do!!! i know it's a silly question :o0 :-8 :-8 thanks for your help :xxx
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
I haven't got this far yet but I know it was hard enough for me to get all my 4 BM's together so I think I'd be happy if I got them to try them on at home & if there are any problems go straight back into the shop.
msbelle Posts: 726
mine came in last week, we all went in and the girls tried them on. one of them needs some alterations so the lady in the shop is holding the dresses until Aug for the fittings and we wont collect them till nearer the wedding! i wouldnt take them home without each girl trying them on in the shop!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I should be getting a call in the next few days to organise my BM dresses. I rang the shop a few weeks ago to find out what usually happens and the lady said once the dresses are in we'll all need to head out to the shop for everyone to try the dresses on, they will tell us whether alterations are needed etc. They don't do alterations in store but recommend somebody near by. As the shop is a bit away from where I live I'll probably do some ringing around for closer alterations and of course checking prices! I pay the balance that day and bring the dresses home! She said it's not imperative for everyone to be there at same time - in particular the FGs - if their mam's want to bring them out separately that's fine!!!