Silly Question, are 1st babies generally late?

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shells08 Posts: 101
Hi wollies, this mite be a silly question but just wanted to get an idea as alot of people have told me my baby will def be late as its my first. In ur experiences with your own babes and friends, has the 1st most times always been after you EDD?
shellbell Posts: 440
Not sure if its the usual thing but of my sisters and friends that have had babies I only remember one coming before the EDD all others (6 in last 2 years) were after the EDD HTH
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I pretty much assumed the same on my first. I lost my mucus plug about 6wks before due date (I think, it could have been 8wks). At the time I was too stupid to realise what it was and carried on as normal. At 36+5wks my waters started leaking and DD was born at 37wks 2days. I was induced in the end because my waters were leaking and labour was not progressing on it's own. I hope the next baby will arrive 38/39wks. Although I was very active during my first pregnancy - I cycled all over the aran islands at 35wks so I reckon that might have been a contributing factor to my waters breaking.
neeov Posts: 4256
i think first baby is late because he is smaller. Subsequent babies tend to be bigger (not always). If your baby is larger than normal then baby may come earlier.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Somebody told me it can also go by how your moter was with you and your siblings? Maybe im wrong. My mam went early on me (10 weeks), my brother (19 days warly) and my sister (15 days early). So i am hoping i never go overdue when im having mine! My cousin went over on both of her babies (2 girls) I know 4 people in Jan that went over (2 people on their 2nd, on their 1st) and i just kept sayong the babies didnt want to come out to the cold weather!
big mama Posts: 623
hi i had my fist the day i was due , my 2nd one day over and my 3rd four days late !!! so ive gone backwards so you cant really tell but good luck :o0 :wv
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
I had my first a week early - he was 8lbs 10oz I had my second 10 days late - he was 9lbs 1oz There are no rules :o0 FP
jen09 Posts: 1390
i had my dd 2 days late, although was in labour from 1 day over & lost mucus plug on due date. i feel it depends on your level of activity. I went to spinning classes until 5.5mths pregnant & then walked the legs off myself. the night I went into labour I played the Wii with h2b
soon2bmomof3&4 Posts: 400
ye i agree with forgotten, i've had friends go 9wks early, 2 days early, on the day, nearly 2 weeks over!! i went 1 week over myself! you just dont know!! :o0 :thnk
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
I think it depends on individuals, everyone told me the same on my first that I would go over but had mine 10 days early. Unfortunatly it's not easy to predict. I hope I have a few days of mat leave this time before baby arrives but might feel differently in 3 months!!