silly question really but im clueless

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angel01 Posts: 242
Hey all im going to buy a travel system pram and a cot but i was wondering then is there really any need for a moses basket? im confused and dont want to buy more than i actually need :-8 :-8 thanks and apologies for the silly question im a first timer :thnk
poppy1 Posts: 596
You can put baby in cot from day one, so you dont have to buy a mosed basket. if you are getting a travel system that has a carrycot thingy attachment you can use that during the day for baby to sleep in, but no its not a necessity.
angel01 Posts: 242
hi poppy1 i love the name poppy :o0 thanks a mill thats what i thought i imagined i would use a cot during the night for the baby and if im using a travel system i would imagine ickle bean will sleep in there during the day etc
AliceB Posts: 495
I spent a fortune on a fab moses basket and I'm not sure if he even spent a few hours in it. From night one in the hosp he would only sleep beside me. BF for 5 months and he slept in the bed with us for that time (not planned but it worked out fine as we have a huge bed and were careful of course). Once he stopped BF he moved into cot in his own room with no bother. Used Moses Basket downstairs for naps during day (few and far between!!!). Think they are recommended as baby is so surrounded in them - like the womb. You can make the cot nice and cosy too. Actually, now that I think of it, we bought moses Basket for downstairs and in our room we got one of those mini-cot/cradle thingys. We figured that would last a few months till he went into his own room - he actually didn't spend an hour in it I'd say. Next baby, please God, will have a fabulous set of hardly used furniture!