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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
What's the story with squashing the bump? (mine is still small) e.g. if you bend over, twist around to pick something up / in bed etc? Is that ok / how does baby not get squashed? I know it's protected by fluid but still. Also what if something pokes you slightly in the stomach? Just wondering.....!
alton Posts: 3077
I get a bit freaked about this from time to time. I've got to the stage where if I drop something, it stays on the floor because it's just so difficult to get down to it, never mind get back up again. But before it became impossible, I'd totally forget to bend my knees and just lean over if I needed to. And I woke up lying on my bump a couple of times. That doesn't happen anymore either since you'd have to be getting some sleep for it to count as "waking up". So far, I don't seem to have done any damage, and he's definitely getting his own back trying to hammer his way out through my ribcage, but I do have this niggling worry in the back of my mind that he's going to come out with a squished bit.
mama2E Posts: 670
Grunge bride I think everyone worries about stuff like this at the start. My advice would be to do what you find comfortable. I am still bending and lifting stuff all the time - only thing is obviously I'm conscious of the weight. If its at all heavy I'll leave it for HB! I remember reaching in to the wheelie bin to lift something out that I'd dropped in by accident and felt like I had totally squashed the baby and winded myself. Overall, I won't be too overly worried about lifting bending etc until later on in your pregnancy. But take care and remember you know your body best!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
But if you do bend over or something pushes against your stomach, it doesn't really squash the baby does it?????
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I very much doubt it! Every hospital appointment I have the doctor is pushing and poking the bump to feel for bab's position! I also give babs a nudge myself from time to time when I can feel a foot buried in my ribs or his/her bum stuck way out of my side or even when I haven't felt any movement for a few hours! If that happens I'll lie down and gently push the bump a bit! He/she usually isn't shy about telling me to stop it then! Baby is very well protected in there so stop worrying!