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Esketti Posts: 936
Hi girls, Silly question....but, do you any of you know the detox patches that you put on your feet going to bed, and they are supposed to rid your body of all the bad toxins (apparently when you wear them to bed, the next morning they are black from all the crap that has come out)! Can you use these if your pregnant? Would they be dangerous i.e. getting rid of toxins your body might need?
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Sorry MRSKP I cant help but I didnt want to read and not reply - you could always ask in the chemist before you buy them, honestly I wouldnt say there would be a problem but its always better to check and be safe rather than sorry. MrsNoc
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
I've seen something similar in Beauty Spas and remember seeing something on the afternoon show too, its like you put your feet in a footspa and whatever is in the water draws all the toxins out, and water gradually turns black quite gross, but meant to be good for you. Not sure about using them while pregnant.v I would check with doc or chemist first though :wv
Esketti Posts: 936
Thanks girls, they are in the Avon catalouge I have here! Have to put my order in today with the girl! Dont know what to do!!! :-8
frogmella Posts: 1264
Yeah it actually says on the box that I have here that you shouldn't use them if you are pregnant. They may be different from the ones you get in avon - the ones I have are from I'd say they will say everything when you get them. Hope I helped