silly things people say to you when preggers ....

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bree Posts: 1880
taut i would start a thread on the silly things people come out with in relation to the bump!! ( coz im shocked by the stupidity of some of it ) recently someone asked me " when are u due?" i said March 8th & she asked " are u sure? " .. i mean WTF ??? I know most of u have probobly been stuck listening to some of this... throw up a few for the giggle there...
busybridetobe Posts: 62
I was really really big when I was pregnant and one day I was walking up the corridor in work and this dirty old man that used to work there said behind me 'Jesus, you are even growing from behind' I tell the truth :ooh
nube Posts: 168
Yeah my friend (who was actually pregnant too at the time) told me you could tell I was pregnant from the back !!!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Well only on Sat night I was gobsmacked at what someone said not so much to me, but in front of me. Myself and a group of friends were discussing the recent unflattering photos of Britney Spears getting into a car with no knickers on, and everything on view... The conversation was going along the lines of "Her career is over, white trash..." etc, when the youngest girl in the group piped up, "Yeah, all the girls in work were saying it would really put you off having a baby. She was all over the place down there." :eek I was the only person there who has had a baby, and I felt quite pissed off that she said it. Imagine, I was indignant that someone criticised Britneys privates.... :o0
Skippy Posts: 1834
Well the joke is on her, because I am nearly sure Britney had two C sections! So her private parts are down to gods own work (or else letting that nasty yolk, KFed, near her!!!)
corkrebel Posts: 744
I have been told by a girl in work that I must be having at least twins if not triplets 'cos she figures I am so huge...hello.... everyone else tells me that I am neat .... but either way, talk about being insensitive.... O:o)
Mrs Gypsy Posts: 260
People keep asking me "are you sure there are not twins in there?" This is months after me telling everyone I was expecting and had a scan and that there was only one in there O:| do they think another one grew while I wasn't looking :eek :-8
Itisasecret Posts: 389
"Do you mind me saying you are going to be huge... are you sure it's not twins". The funniest bit is "do you mind me saying" ha ha. Of effing course I do ye aul........ Had to hold my tongue. Oh and the MIL has come out with a few and then always ends it "you won't read that in any book, they'd no books like that in my Day"..... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Never thought of that Skippy...
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Everyone keeps saying to my friend (due in Feb) "Oh you're so neat" - just because she's tall her bump doesn't look enormous but she finds it so bloody annoying as she still feels huge. I think it's a daft thing to say anyway as it sounds like she made the bump so neat herself (a bit like "you're so neat with your colouring in) when she has no control over it! Made me wonder..what do you say if someone has a massive bump - oh you're so messy! Re Britney Spears - everyone's privates are unique and shouldn't be subject to criticism!!!!