Silver Round Toe Shoes

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NowMrsM Posts: 67
Hi girls, I'm trying to find shoes for my 3 bridesmaids. Silver, toe in (not pointed...loads of them about) & not too high. If anyone has seen or is out & about & sees them could ya keep me in mind & let me know. Thank you :lvs
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
Was on that mission myself for the past couple of weeks! searched online and in every shoe shop/department I've ever heard of. In the end I got 3 silver pairs in Wallis (I'd never set foot in the shop before last week), it was my last resort!. They are round toe silver shoes, only prob is they have almost 3 inch heels, but I couldn't get anything else so they'll have to do. (sorry can't find a pic)
Corkie1 Posts: 340 ... 2863_10553 Ladies, I ordered these the other day. They are a lot more silver than they look: Be warned, they are big sizes so get a size smaller than usual [img:3j3w7ty1][/img:3j3w7ty1]
shobie Posts: 1437
I Just bought those shoes from Barrets, very comfortable and in the sale too.... E15, bargain.
Corkie1 Posts: 340
Hi Shobie. Did you buy them in a store or online? I bought them online but they are too big so need to bring them back. >:o(
shobie Posts: 1437
I actually bought them in a store in the UK, found the size to be fine.
NowMrsM Posts: 67
Thank you girls!! Help is super :lvs
blissful lady Posts: 119
hi i was bm in july and we had round toe silver shoes from schu. i cant upload the picture as i dont know how. can anyone help me or tell me how?? they are on the website though. :thnk
blissful lady Posts: 119