Silver Sandals with ivory dress ?

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wifey baby Posts: 39
Hi all, I was always wearing ivory with my ivory dress - dress is v classic and streamlined. It has two vintage corsages one on each shoulder strap. So I came across a gorgeous pair of slightly peep toe sandals y'day, 2" heel and they are a kind of dull silver ( antique ) with a vintage looking broch on them think the brand is Betty Blue, but they are cutey ! Would it work - to have these instead of ivory ?? What do ye think ?? :wv
sandy13 Posts: 939
it doesnt sound nice (sorry to be so blunt) but it could very well work at the same time if there not a really bright silver, you wont know untill u see them together!!!!!!!!!! Sandy
mcd08 Posts: 425
Not sure it would work, but really would be hard to judge until you see them together - if they are antiquey silver not bright it might work - also if you only glimpse the shoes under the dress it may be fine.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
I had silver sandles with my ivory dress they were a less shiny silver leather. I hate wedding shoes and wanted something I could use again so I splurged on Jimmy Choos. The dress also had silver detailing at the shoulders. Even if I say so myself it looked fab - and I've gotten to wear the shoes again a few times since the wedding.
Juciy Posts: 378
I think you should stick with the ivory, you dont want to take the look off your beautiful dress.... sorry :-8
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi Gerri Wedding Bow Sandals Heel height 8cm approx. Upper: textile. Lining and sock: other materials/textile. Outer sole: other materials. €36.00, 3rd row 4th Show from the left, maybe these may help. Good Luck honeybee
icebaby Posts: 846
I think it sounds fine. Don't like ivory shoes myself, and you'd probably never wear them again. At least with silver you'll get some wear out of them. Can you post a picture?
luigi Posts: 867
I think it sounds fine too. If the silver is antique then it wont be "blinging silver" and shouldnt detract at all. After all your dress sounds quite vintage in style so a dull silver would complement this. Im wearing ivory and although my shoes are ivory they have a little bit of matt silver metal at the top. I havent tried them together yet, but Im pretty sure they wont be a problem. Its not your feet that people care about- its how gorgeous your dress is (it sounds lovely) that they'll remark on!
Mrs Jones Posts: 566
my dress is a pale ivory with silvery shimmery bits on it and I'm going for silver sparkly sandals. I hate wedding shoes and even if I got them dyed afterwards I would never wear that style of shoe again anyway. You will only see tiny glimpses of the shoes anyway, so might as well get shoes that you will wear again
wifey baby Posts: 39
To Stockbroking Bride - think your dress sounds like a vera wang - am I right ?? And I got closed toe shoes ( MENBUR ) y'day, very vintage look with just enough bling to compliment the dress, and a gorgeous 'dance my little size 4's all nite ' heel. Ta ! for all the advice - this sites a gem !! :wv