simon casey in the church, whats he like?

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choclate Posts: 25
Hi We are thinkin of bookin simon casey for the church. Have not heard him, and dont know a whole alot about him, as was away for the last few years. He was recommended to us by a friend, have heard mixed reports since. Appreciate any information. Thanks.
dancingqueen Posts: 491
Haven't heard him myself but have heard amazing comments about him!!!
choclate Posts: 25
HI Simon casey is 750e for church, Is that too expensive? what is the average price for good church music.
...... Posts: 100
He is AMAZING I tried to book him one year in advance but he was already booked for a wedding in Mayo :o( He is coming back that evening though to do our reception. Roll on July!! :o)ll
dgmon Posts: 21
We had Simon for our wedding (church) and he was absolutely amazing, definetly in a league of his own. Our guests were still talking about him months after the wedding. He is a lovely guy and very easy to deal with, gave us loads of suggestions for suitable sings and told us if there was any song or hymn we really wanted that he didnt know he would learn it. He is worth every penny. You pay for what you get!
mrsmcdreamy Posts: 880
that clip is really good. so want him for my church now. but no way i would pay 750. not a hope. is he still that much in these recessionary times?!
justsinead Posts: 10
[quote="choclate":2mq4rnak]HI Simon casey is 750e for church, Is that too expensive? what is the average price for good church music.[/quote:2mq4rnak] The average price per musician for church music is €200, so you should be able to get very good musicians for about €400. It all depends on demand, experience, travel etc. HTH Sinead
kittypurry Posts: 897
simon is such a nice guy i met him twice (not wedding related) he is brilliant at what he does O:o) i remember actually being in the helix for the final of You're A Star between him and mickey joe harte (where is he now?) and i was heartbroken when simon didnt win, cant believe that was 7 years ago :ooh
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
hi girls i have him booked for church and afters-hoping hes as good as i believe he will be-the big selling point for me was that he sings all i ask of you from phantomof the opera......
Goodfellas Posts: 979
Hi folks I saw Simon in the church at a friend's wedding in August and was very impressed. His voice has matured so much since 2003 and the TV competition you guuys mentioned. The friend in question is a serious musician, and it says a lot when a musician thinks so much of another that he asks him to be part of such a special day. But putting your money where your mouth is is what really says if you like someone, and I have booked him for my own ceremony this coming April. Hope that helps Michael