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ebaybride Posts: 101
Hi Girls, has anyone any experience of haggling with Simones in Sligo. I have chosen a dress there and have been quoted a lot cheaper for the same dress further afield, I am just wondering if it would be worth approaching Simones and ask them to match the other price or drop their price to a similar level. Has anyone done this and be successful. All feedback appreciated. Thanks.
Mrs Murray 2B Posts: 100
Hi, I have no experience of trying to beat them down on price but if you're getting it cheaper elsewhere I would definitely say it to them. They know well enough that the dresses are cheaper elsewhere and not just by going on line, if they won't come down to match it then you know where to buy your dress! Another idea for you - if they won't come down to match that price maybe see if they would include the alterations in the price. I can't get over how expensive it is to have dress alterations so it would be worth considering if they did include this cost.
streaks Posts: 3592
Hi!! You need to talk to the owner and tell her your getting it at a better price but you would prefer to deal with them as you saw it there first! I did this and they matched the price! Good luck with it! I ended up buying a completely diff dress in the end tho so dint deal with them!
keyra Posts: 801
I tried to haggle with them when i got my dress and it was a waste of time. Had to pay full price for my dress, 1 BM dress and my mam bought her outfit from there, they still charged me for alterations to my dress too :o( . Good luck, hope you have better luck than i had.
Hobnob09 Posts: 128
I told them I had seen dress for 200 cheaper elsewhere. She matched the price! Tho I ended up getting a different dress from RK Bridal. Im sure they'll drop the price for ya :wv
ebaybride Posts: 101
Thanks for the replies girls, I'll give it a go and see what happens. I won't be ordering my dress for a few months yet but I'll let ye know how I get on.