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Nooker Posts: 2
Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as me?? I can't find a wedding dress anywhere....I'd like a simple flowing gown (as though for a black-tie event) without any bones, structure, padding etc. It Is Impossible To Find!! O:| Okay, I know....Jenny Packham and the like do this style but I can't justify their prices. :eek I mean the gown I would like is so simple with minimal material it doesn't seem logical to have to pay 2/3 times the amount as the dresses in the average bridal shop! Is there a good/reputable place to get a dress made perhaps? I've seen some UK sites where you can hire.....anyone looking for a business venture in Ireland?? I would be your first customer!!!!! :) Ok rant over....thanks for listening! :wv
wollysocks Posts: 1773
If you were willing to buy second-hand - I'm sure you could get a suitable dress for a good price- typically half price. Done deal, adverts to name just a couple of sites.
Cakeybride Posts: 96
[quote="Nooker":1tdi9rh5]I've seen some UK sites where you can hire.....anyone looking for a business venture in Ireland?? I would be your first customer!!!!! :) wv[/quote:1tdi9rh5] I'm not sure about other cities but there are a few places that you can hire out dresses in Dublin..... Covet in the Powerscourt centre is one and there is another on South Anne Street I think but can't remember the name. Also, check out the Vera Wang range for David' Bridal. I'm not sure what's there now but there were some lovely simple styles last year. Good luck! Mabye with summer coming in, there might be some more options.
bee0606 Posts: 691
Debenhams and monsoon both do wedding dresses and they'd be a lot less structured than the standard ones.
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
Look anywhere except bridal shops. Get yourself into Dublin city centre if you can & try out independent boutiques or designer swap shops. I live near one of the most expensive bridal shops in the city & I can't believe how tacky & overpriced the gowns are. It's just the W word that jacks up the price. Nothing else. You'll find what you want, don't worry!
jenniem01 Posts: 178
Monsoon is probably your best bet.
Nooker Posts: 2
Awh wow folks, was having a little rant fuelled with frustration but this has cheered me up, thanks soo much! Lorna Doone your comment about looking 'anywhere except bridal shops' is the perfect advice!! Will def look up some hiring options and independent boutiques.... thanks again you guys xx
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I saw the title of this and thought....this could have been written by me!! I was going to suggest Jenny Packham...I ordered mine on Saturday, it's exactly what I was looking for...sift, floaty, simple... But that came with a price! Nearly 4k, but I couldn't say no!! I had fallen in love with it! Hope you find your dream dress soon!! You could always look at second hand Jenny...