Sing song in Residents Bar

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bumble Posts: 1980
Girls does anyone have a sing song booklet that I can print out for guests for the residents bar? We have some people travelling from overseas and it might be nice for them to be able to sing along. I remember someone posting about it ages ago but i can't find that post now! If anyone has one can they PM me? Thanks :thnk
Sinful Posts: 956
Yep i do its on my home computer Pm me with your email address and ill send it this evening..
bumble Posts: 1980
Oh Cheers!! Thanks a mill....will PM you now!
Tarad Posts: 198
Would you mind sending to me too? great idea and our families are such singers!
Sinful Posts: 956
Of Course pm me your email address and ill send it this evening.
oldhat Posts: 28
could you please send it to me too? would love to be able to sing at the singsong, but if nothing else at least I could mime along!! :o0
anotherbabyplease Posts: 57
can i have it aswell.. such a good idea!!!! i'll pm u my email now! thanks
Mrs. A Posts: 122
Could you send me it aswel, thanks i'll pm you now
bridemay08 Posts: 61
could you please send it to me too I just pm'd you. Thanking you in advance
nov08 Posts: 45
oh hello, could you please PM it to me too? thanks a mill in advance