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miss may b Posts: 528
Hi, Toying with the idea of having a singer waiter for our wedding. OH thinks it might be a bit tacky, I'm not sure, think it could be fun. Has anybody had one or been to a wedding where there was one? What was the reaction? We're only having 120 people, are they better suited to bigger crowds? Thanks! MMB
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
Not much help Miss May but I was thinking about this too so would be interested in hearing any opinions. If you google it on youtube, you can see various singing waiters perform and the reaction of the crowd. My worry would be that it would be great for the first song but then it would drag on and people would be wondering when it would end.
miss may b Posts: 528
That's my worry too, at that stage people might just want to get up and stretch their legs before the dancing begins! Wonder would it be as effective at the drinks reception - probably not ??
junestar11 Posts: 98
Hi there MMB When I read your post i thought of me a few weeks ago! We had a singing waiter (well actually he dressed as the chef for us) at our wedding and he was the talking point of the day! We kept it a complete secret so only me, DH, my sis and her bf knew. Everyone thought it was the actual chef first of all and then when he started everyone was up and singing along and swaying! My DH is a mad rugby fan so we had stnad up and fight and irelands call sang and he did a good few others that everyone knew. I can honestly say I shouldnt have had doubts cos everyone loved it and it really got people over the lull of the evening (he came out just before maincourses were being cleared) and i think he kept eveyone talking til the band started! I posted on here and some of the opinions were that it was quite cheesy and people didnt like it.. but at the end of the day its your day and if you have a fun loving crowd theyll enjoy anything no matter what! We had a good mix at our day veering on more people our own age at it.. but I can hnoestly say the singing waiter (or chef in our case) was fab! cant wait to see our DVD!! If you need any info feel free to PM me
excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
I would love to have singing waiters also, what quotes did you get? I got €1,500 which I think is alot for max 30 mins....
mrsfarmer2be Posts: 20
I was at a wedding last year that had a singing chef and i must admit i found it very entertaining as most people seemed to enjoy. The only thing is you would need to be careful that it doesnt already drag on the night. The wedding i was at was already late sitting down for dinner and then they had a photos slide show of them both when they were younger. Combined with the chef singing it was after 11 that they had their first dance. How much do these cost? €1,500 seems very expensive and definately not worth that money
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
1500 is a lot but suppose it depends on your priorities and if it's something you really want. We had 95 people at our wedding and so glad we didn't bother with extra entertainment as there was such a great buzz as it was. WE even forgot to give the venue our cd for the drinks reception and we didn't notice!! The weather was great and everyone was mingling and chatting. During dinner the craic was 90. However I'd say it could be great fun and sounded like great fun at junestars wedding- I'd love to see it but I wouldn't have been prepared to spend 1500 on it.
Rogue User Posts: 6101
The first thought that comes into my head whenever this comes up is CRINGE! I think it is tacky and embarrassing and not at all entertaining. Def not for me - I can never understand why people feel the need to over entertain their guests - whatever happened to people chatting with one another and having the craic. Why the need to fill every moment of the wedding with some sort of novelty? I was at a wedding with a magician and TBH everyone at our table just thought - "trying too hard" And like another poster said; it can make the night drag on and on when all your guests want to do is eat their dinner and dance their socks off!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I'd personally hate it but if you really want it and think your guests would like it you should go for it!
BusyLizzie Posts: 251
I've always found this very entertaining at any function I've been to as long as they can sing and they're good! However, €1500 is a lot of money, I'd expect a few singing waitresses for this money too :o0