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butterflies bride Posts: 33
Hi guys, I am getting married next year and H2B and I have fallen in love with a venue that has very limited capacity. We have been going over the numbers again and again O:| before we make a final decision and book the hotel. We can accomodate everyone we want in the room but it would mean giving our single friends single invitations. I'm new to the whole wedding politics and not too sure is this appropriate. I don't want to offend anyone. What do ye think??? :thnk Butterflies bride
BellaBee Posts: 2506
I think it is much more socially acceptable to issue single invitations nowadays. We did it in certain cases to keep our numbers down, where we knew they'd know loads of others and wouldn't be on their todd for the day. If you think people will mind just tell them straight that if ye want them to be part of your day and unfortunately due to number restrictions you can ask them +1. If it helps to soften the blow for one or two people you could tell them that if a few people can't go you may be able to allow them bring a +1 nearer the time. HTH
alskling Posts: 311
Hi butterflies bride I think it's perfectly acceptable to invite single people on their own and all my single friends will be getting single invites if they're single closer to the date. I think Libran makes a good point which I hadn't thought of - cos I don't think it really applies to me - but if there are people who wouldn't know anyone else at all then if you can you should prob give them a +1 so they don't feel like a billy no mates Enjoy the planning :wv
.... Posts: 667
shoegals Posts: 1640
Yes its perfectly acceptable. When I was single it was always a single invitation, sure your friends will understand your tight with number, well if they are real friends they will! Where are you thinking of booking can I ask?
butterflies bride Posts: 33
Hi guys Thanks for your response, I feel a lot better about giving out single invites now. Shoegals the venue is the Cahernane hotel in Killarney. Have completely fallen in love with it but its limited to just 80! Thanks again, Butterflies bride :thnk
frankiebabe06 Posts: 518
Hi butterflies We are exactly the same we hav a guest restriction of 220 guest and ideally we have about 250 guest but at the same time we hav everyone we want. but the single friends and family we have, are getting single invitations. We are not getting married until May08 and even the people that are single now, but may be in a relationship by nxt may are still only getting single invites! unless maybe someone is in a real serious relationship (which i doubt in 10 months IYKWIM) dont worry about that aspect! i think when you are restricted (and everyone knows we are) that its perfectly acceptable!
Fussy Bride Posts: 21
Hi butterflies, Im new to this discussion board aswell. I definitely think its fine to send single invites. I will be sending them to my single friends. The only problem I envisage is my seating plan but thats something I'll have to deal with down the line. O:o)
gerbil Posts: 3528
(hi, fussy bride and welcome to the site!) I got lots of invitations over the years for one, when friends simply couldn't afford or fit in more people. I do think it's best to tell them thaat the it's a question of space, not that you think they can;t get a date :eek :o0 but other than that, definitely think it's ok. I would sooner have been at a friend's wedding alone than miss sharing their day!