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quietlife Posts: 475
hey all just wondering if any single ladies in kildare area want to have a meet up night am single after a 9 year relationship and at 34 all my friends are married and settled would love to meet new friends for nights out
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Hi Wednstyle - so very sorry to hear about your relationship. That must be so so hard after nine years. I'm not single but I'm in Celbridge, Kildare if you want to meet up for a chat or even a night out. I know your'e looking for single ladies but just to let you know I'm here. Also a couple of other Wollies in Celbridge, I've met one girl who was lovely and I'm hoping to meet another girl too. So ther'es a few of us here. There's a few Naas Wollies who have met up togehter, all without partners, for a meal and a night in the pub and they seem to get on so well together so I'm sure they'd love to meet you too. Best of luck.
quietlife Posts: 475
thanks smiley kaz just feeling so lonely at moment will deffo take you up on your offer!! :o)ll
Nostress Posts: 1606
[quote:m54tjzq1]I'm not single but I'm in Celbridge, Kildare[/quote:m54tjzq1] I thought I recognised you! I am in Celbridge too
Shug Avery Posts: 38
Count me in. Separated three years this month and rarely go out as all my friends are attached. Have recently gone through serious panic attacks and doctor reckons it's post traumatic stress so I'm on meds and seeing a cousellor. Feel fantastic, it's probably the first time ever I feel totally relaxed and myself. Really need to get out and meet new people and maybe even dip my toe in the dating scene which terrifies me as was with my ex from 17-30!! wednstyle - we know one another really well...I'm sure you know who I am from my story above. I copped who you were from another post of yours about a night out recently :wv
quietlife Posts: 475
hi shug avary lol i know who you are now :o)ll so girls what date suits you all have had a few pm's too so lets have a night out, in clane , naas , newbridge anywhere tell me dates you free and il start from there!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Uh-oh, Kildare watch out - there's wollies are on the loose!!!! :ooh :o0 Enjoy yourselves ladies :)
quietlife Posts: 475
Time for a change - come join us :o)ll
Dollydel Posts: 1726
Hey I am one of the Naas wollies. We meet up regularly and actually have night out planned for the end of this month. We are all attached but we don't go out and talk about our other halves all night I promise!
quietlife Posts: 475
Dollydel what date and where? mind if we tag along??