Single umbilical cord artery...anyone?

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first-timer Posts: 463
Hi girls, I had my 20 weeks scan today and all is well thank god other than the fact that there is only one artery in baby's umbilical cord instead of 2. Sonographer said that it just means that baby might be a bit smaller born. She said sometimes i can mean other problems such as the kidneys but thankfully baby's kidneys are perfect at the moment. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this? It happens in less than 1% of pregnancies so i know its a long shot. Thanks ladies. :xxx
theoracle Posts: 7664
There was a lady here before that had the same condition during her 2nd pregnancy, bride22 but I see that she hasn't posted since August last year. If you pm her she might get a e-mail notification and maybe get in touch with you. Wish you all the best.