Sinus' / Flu ?? Help me :o(

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candypants Posts: 8575
Hi girls, I was die to have my "girls" xmas night out tonight at the dogs. I was really looking forward to it but have come down with what i think maybe the flu or sinus'. I have it since Monday and its not shifting at all. Was hoping it would have cleared by now. Was to get my hair done today, and make up (make up trial for wedding) and was all looking forward to it. Now i just cant move off the sofa. I havnt had a night out in maybe 5 months and im flipping raging now. Anyone know any sort of quick fix so maybe i can still go? :o(
Salander Posts: 1639
proper chicken soup and some paracetamol. the chicken soup is full of natural antiinflammatories (sp!) and the heat should help clear your sinus. or you could get a bottle of sterimar spray in the chemist - you basically squirt it up your nose and it washes all the snot out. its just sterile water so perfectly safe to use. avoid dairy also. really hope you get going!!!