Hi I need help for my family. My husband comes from a large family three brother and one sister. One of his brothers lives away and he started dating a girl a few years back. At the start we could not see the attraction but she soon started to fool us all. To the point my mil was asked by us to stand for our youngest child.things first changed when my sil who has a hearing problem told us that my bil girlfriend used to talk about her and laugh at her to her face. After a number of years she finally got her rock and that's when everything that has happened turned bad the first of it was when my husband had to leave a community event followin a phone call from my mil that my future sil had roared at her and told her that all the wedding prep was none of her business. We immediately went to be with her and it was at that point we realised this was not the first and that my mil had expressed concern following a meal with my future sil and her family. She said that her family were extremely posh and a large amount of wine had been consumed throughout the evening she realised she knew none of the wedding plans. Also she felt alone aso my future sil had all her family while it was only my mil and fil were invited.following that my children were asked to be part of the bridal party we were so happy not to be - my mil was very excited to be apart of the dress selection however not to be we had to beg for the dress one month before the day so we could see it. My son had no outfit until my husband begged for it to be sorted one week before the big day. My husband tried to reason with him on numerous occasions all to fail. We all had a family get together and agreed to turn up to the nuptials and be graceful. My husband has two special cousins and one whom was very sick and unfortunately even there cHilden were not included. I am worried how to fix this problem. My sil has told me that my mil hopes that her son will soon just move on. Help is required