sitting arrangements at the top table?

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Balyna2009 Posts: 61
Hi, Can anyone help me with what way we are meant to sit, i know where ill be but the parents really?? Thank you
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Some people intermix the parents. I didn't. Mine sat on my side & his on his side
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
I don't plan on mixing the parents, it makes them more comfortable I think being with their own spouses O-O
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
we didnt mix parents as they've only met a few times & I wanted them all to enjoy they day to the fullest & not have to be trying to make small chat for 2 hrs or more. our table was laid out from right to left as follows: my parents, bridesmaid, me, groom, best man & his parents. nice & simple & it worked well. I think its nice for your parents to be able to be together too when the speeches are being made & nice / funny things are being said about their son or daughter.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
we didn't mix parents dh sat on his side and my mum and brother sat on my side. I wouldn't mix them, like another poster said they feel more comfortable with their spouses.
joker Posts: 2789
the last 3 weddings we have been at the parents have not been mixed up... i think we will mix ours as I think its nice to show we are all one family then... i'm not saying that if you dont mix them they arent one family, its just my preference :wv
Balyna2009 Posts: 61
Hey Thanks for your replies, My H2B's parents are separeted but i don't want my parents seperated, its so tough to decide
fifi09 Posts: 414
[quote="Balyna2009":1vk99ioc]Hey Thanks for your replies, My H2B's parents are separeted but i don't want my parents seperated, its so tough to decide[/quote:1vk99ioc] I seriously feel your pain. I'm starting to worry over this a little now. My parents are separated (both have new partners who will just be sitting among the other guests). Don't want to mix the parents. I'm having my grandmother (raised me more or less) at the top table with us so I'm thinking of just seating her between my mum and dad. If they can't put their feelings for one another aside for their only daughters wedding I officially give up :o0 Best of luck with your decision. O-O
walkabout Posts: 41
I don't plan on mixing the parents, h2b father passed away so i'll keep my mum and dad at my side mother inlaw 2b can chat with the priest.
dub2010 Posts: 378
my h2b parents are seperated also so i will have to mix its only for the meal they can go where they like after that :o0