Size of boobs after baby arrives

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Just wondering about this :-8 I am hoping to BF, previously I didnt so when milk came in they were MASSIVE and rock hard and sore for a few days but then went back down to normal pre-pregnancy size. But when you BFing do they stay big? Or do they go back to normal or what happens??? I have a wedding not long after baby due, and have dress bought so wondering if boobs will fit into it! :o0
mad woman Posts: 22106
generally if you are BF, the size they are 2-4 weeks before your due, is the size, they just go hard and more pert! :o0 when there is milk in there!
chilledout Posts: 834
Mine stayed about the same size as they were in the last month of pregnancy. They do tend to change a lot in the first few weeks of feeding though, before a feed they are quite big and then after a feed they're a bit deflated! I just found clothes a bit tight before a feed.
Mrs J Posts: 387
I got measured for a nursing bra at 39 weeks. Have been b/f now for over 14 weeks and have stayed the same size. They feel as hard as rocks first thing in the morning if DD has slept through the night! I had a wedding a couple of weeks ago - managed to get into an outfit I had for a wedding last year but made sure I had fed DD before I zipped up!