skiing while pregnant

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lenadmp Posts: 139
hi guys just wondering on what your ideas are skiing while pregnant. ill be nearly 10 weks pregnant. im an intermediate but dont really fall anymore. has anybody else gone skiing with a bun in the oven!! :wv O:o) >:o( O:| ;o( O-O :o)ll :-8 >:o) :eek :o0 :xxs :xxx :xox :lvs :ooh :thnk
Mrs Cath2005 Posts: 138
no way would i do it. you may be a good skier but you can't control what the other skiers will do - someone could easily crash into you and make you have a bad fall. hate to say it but you will never forgive yourself if something happens to the baby just because you went skiing.
MotherNature Posts: 317
I was specifically told 'no skiing' and 'no horse riding' by my GP. It's all very well making decisions about your own safety, but you're looking out for an unborn child now and a serious fall could end your pregnancy in an instant.
Ducky Posts: 2506
Sorry love, skiing is banned in all baby books for Day One, along with kick boxing, and any contact sport
Mrs J Posts: 387
Think the general consenus is that it is out though some will say that up to 12 weeks, it would be ok (have a friend who's a doctor who reckons its fine as the uterus is still well protected within the pelvis). Don't think I'd risk it though - its out of the question anyway as I'm 26 weeks but it is the one thing I'm really missing (it was also the major clue people got early on that something was up when no ski holiday was being talked about!). I do remember one holiday we were on where there was one woman three months pregnant in our ski goup but I remember thinking she was being foolish taking such a risk.....
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Here in switzerland people do ski up to about 12 weeks but these are women who are not only advanced skiers themselves but are skiing in local swiss only resorts full of competent skiers. The problem is even you are totally competent you run the risk of someone who isnt that good hitting into you. Believe me, I feel for you, Im going through the same, every weekend my friends are skiing and Im staying home cos "Im busy". Between that and the not drinking they all know Im pregnant. The fact is its a risk, you shouldnt do it, if anything happened, and it so easily could especially in the holiday resorts full of beginner/intermediates, you really would have a hard time forgiving yourself. I do feel for you, Im going through the same thing. Itll be worth it in the end though and hopefully in a few years we'll both have a DS or DD to admire in kiddy ski school (they are sooo cute here) x sg.
lenadmp Posts: 139
I know now im not going to do it. what a shame though its for 2 weeks. It will be 2 weeks of making snowmen as I cant even go to the steam baths boo hoo!!!! Anyway I wont take the risk it took me long enough to get pregnant- and i would be a fool to do it. Thanks a million again guys!!!!!! O-O O-O O-O