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terribride Posts: 627
I can't stand my face at the moment, I got a facial a month ago and I've been sticking to regime ever since but my skin is in ribbons :No( ( lots of breakouts around the mouth area) I need advice so bad!!!!!!! I drink lots of water. Use good skin care (dermalogica) Any good skin diets out there?
terribride Posts: 627
Anyone?? :oops: :oops: :oops:
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I have had perfect skin until i hit 25 then started getting a breakout of spots and a rash around my chin, went for a facial on advice of others, i have quite sensitive skin and the lady kept saying it has to get worse to get better, it certainly got worse but not better i ended up going to the doctor and i had a thing called cellulatis he gave me a cream and it was brilliant cleared rash and spots also changed my pill. If you want to know the name of cream let me know.
Xmascarol Posts: 42
Terribride it doesn't sound like you have cellulitis (this is a skin infection), but does sound like you're having problems with mild acne. As you know, it is a really common problem, but you definitely should be able to get it sorted. I think you should maybe speak to your gp about it. You don't necessarily need to take tablets to treat it - there are various creams available which your gp can prescribe (eg benzamycin gel), which really can help. Good luck!
terribride Posts: 627
Thanks ladies! I'll have to book in with the doc, hopefully I can get this sorted before the wedding I want to look more :D than :oops: Star2007, My H2B's gran has cellultis on her leg and it looks so sore you poor chicken I'm glad you're better. I'll mention it to my doc though to make sure. I used to think acne only affected teenagers, I had really bad skin in my teens too but it got better ( not totally) but it's just horrendous at the moment!! Thanks again!!! Fingers crossed the doc will prescribe something that works
mama sugar Posts: 1387
hi terriebride, Is this the first time you have used these products and got this facial done I know my skin is very sensitive and if I change my make up or use a different clenser I have a breakout, so maybe you should cut out all the new products you are using and stick to non perfumed or alochol free cleanser I find the simple good only one that doesnt give me breakouts, also the yonka products for facials seems to work for me but maybe your skin is just reacting to the products.