skin between boobs and bump sore?

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jones Posts: 119
Just wondering has anyone else experienced this. The strip of skin just under my boobs and where my bump starts is driving me nuts with the past few weeks it is constantly either burning as if I have put an iron on it or itching or just sore. Is anyone else experiencing this? Would not be so worried only I got burned there last year and freckles have appeared there since which makes me paranoid.
mcglick Posts: 463
id say its just irritated, mine is th same from the skin rubbing, try let the air at it as much as possible and splash a bit of caldesene talc on in the mornings to stop it chaffing
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Is it even sore to touch lightly? Mine was like for from about 20ish weeks until the end. At times it was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep. I think it's caused by the skin stretching to accomodate the bump!
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I'd this aswell from not drying the crease properly...then the bra irritating it. My boobs are nearly sitting on my belly button at this stage... Anyway as said before let the air at it for a bit each day!
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Girls I had this about 3 weeks ago, only under one boob mind you!!!! Anyhow the trick is to get your blowdryer out, on cool air, and blast under those boobs every time you get out of the bath/shower. When it's totally dry wack on some vaseline and hopefully it'll disappear for you in a week! It worked for me so fingers crossed for everyone :o0
beaker Posts: 379
Try bio oil, I am using it every day on my bump and boobs and find it great and maybe get measured for a bra again, it could be a little bit too tight