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cherries on top Posts: 521
Hi There, I'm new to all this, I hope you can help me!! I'm really interested in getting sky lanterns for the wedding (well fireworks would have been first choice but they are so expensive) THen I remembered I watched sky lanterns go off on TV and they looked fab (even better than the fireworks) Just a couple of q's 1) I read on a previous post that you need to inform the coast guard? Is this true, do you have to get a licence / permission before you set them off? 2) I'm not planning to have my reception in a hotel, we are planning to have it in Cruzzo's in Malahide (going to be very small 40-50people - thinking sex and the city style!! or more to the point recession style!) This restaurant is on the marina in malahide. Do you think we need to inform anyone there? We will most likely do it all ourselves (as in not get the restaurant involved), was thinking of heading down more towards the marina or beach Your thoughts and advice are welcome!! Thanks a mil!
bellinterhouse Posts: 25
Hi, You can get really nice sky lanterns online In relation to who you have to notify, if you get in touch with the aviation authorities and they will let you know what you have to send them, they will need how many lanterns, dates/times and where you are letting them off from. They just need to know and wont allow if you are near any flight paths and so that people wont think they are aliens!!!!! Hope this helps