slap cheek virus in early pregnancy?

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Egyptian Posts: 171
I have just found out that a child in my class has this highly contagious virus called slap cheek. Anyhow i went to principal and told him so he said to ring my doc, which i did. My doctor told me i needed to leave the school immediately and come down to get a blood test first thing in the morning. So now im at home and all worried about this virus i never heard of. why oh why do parents send sick children into school??? O:| O:| Does anybody know anything about this virus??
theoracle Posts: 7664
There has been a post about it here recently, I hope it helps: ... p?t=191097
Egyptian Posts: 171
thanks hu101 thats great, guess ill just have to wait to get bloods done and see. fingers crossed!
red_rubies Posts: 2424
Here's another thread I started in pregnancy & babies. ... pped+cheek I know it's frustrating, but unfortunately, when the child is contagious he/she has no symptoms. Once the rash appears, they are no longer contagious.
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
hey my school just had that-not in my class though and I was given a leaflet about being pg and it, basically it seems you need to stay away more if you are in your first 20 weeks of America its called 'fifths' disease so you you go to any american chat rooms you'll see people talking about it there (its much more more common there than here)