Slapped cheek syndrome - what risks

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jill80 Posts: 565
Hi All, Just looking for some advice. My DH is a primary school teacher and is finishing up tomorrow. One kid was out today but his mam came in and told DH that he "had" a virus over the weekend, but doctor said the child is okay to come in tomorrow. The problem is on Friday this kids face looked like he has literally been slapped. DH only realised after the mother had left today that maybe the child has that "slapped-cheek" syndrome. My questions are if the kid arrives in tomorrow - how high are the chances he'd pass infection to my DH and also if I were to catch it at this stage (35 weeks) can it still do harm to the baby?If it can, I'll be off to my mothers for 2-3 days. Thanks
theoracle Posts: 7664
You are most likely out of the danger zone as you are in the final stage of pregnancy and as you are very likely to have been exposed to the virus at some previous point in life in which case you would be immune. When the rash comes out the period in which the illness was transmittable has already passed (as it is contageous BEFORE the rash appears) , so if your DH was exposed to it he would have already gotten it, however chances are he might be immune AND that he would not have had such direct contact with said child, even if the child was living in your household, the chance would only be 50% of catching the virus. Mention it to your cons if you are still worried. ... ifth.html#
jill80 Posts: 565
Thanks for the reply! :thnk
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Here's more info: ... 9&preg.htm This is detailed!